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These testimonials are completely unedited - I have even left in the typos and some of the "wierdo" comments and kept multiple comments from the same people.

I liked pretty much all your work, really usefull for someone who want to learn spanish without spending too much money. In particulary the podcast thingy and audio websites gave an additional interactive touch that is definitly missing in most of the learning methods i have bought until now. Thanks again. Maxime


I enjoyed the free audio that was included. For me I know the basics of Spanish grammar, so I just need to listen as practice to understand when having a conversation. It is also nice to be able to put them on an mp3 player to listen whenever you have time. Matt


Hi Michael, I really like it so far,I think its very good indeed. And the best of all, you dont have to do all the grammar in the beginning ( Thats the biggest reason why people dont want to learn a new language ). Its focused into speaking. Very good!! Andreas


hi michael thank you for the great resources i am using them they are so helpful for a beginner great job and thank you for your kindness to share with us MB


I loved the report. I really appreciate the time you took to put this together, as well as sending it to me for free.One of the most helpful sites was coffebreakspanish.com and wordreference.com. J. Hidrogo


Dear Michael, Most of the resources you found on the internet I had found independantly myself (because I am obsessed with learning Spanish, and free is my favorite price...). But your product is wonderful for people who are not, perhaps, so internet savvy. You have done the groudwork for them. Good job. :) I actually have a couple resources you didn't mention, if you'd like them, just write to me and I'll share. Nanette


Thank u for your free reports, it is really good! Wendy Li


Very high marks Michael for being such a good world citizen and providing this public service. I have been a free student for a long time myself. You came up with some new sites that really pleased me. Your work has been very organized and very methodical. Felicitaciones por su progreso. Paul Lepine


Hi Michael, I can really imagine how inspired you are in gathering all those resources in one place. It's a whole desktop of valuable spanish learning resources & links given for free. That's great! Thanks a lot, Rey Panaligan


The report is very well structured, easy to comprehend at a first reading and so thoroughly workable as a reference guide for future consultations. Pierre Tremblay

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really useful podcasts. h


Thanks a lot. It is a great idea. The best thing is that you review the resources so I can choose what's most suitable for me. Best regards, Zofia Reisinger


I liked the completeness of the coverage, the inclusion of dictionaries and the straightforward nature of the text. Don Burnett


I like the relaxed manner in which the guide is delivered in. I especially like when you translate the phrases as to what they actually mean in English. Even though these aren't the way we'd say them in Spanish, it defnitely helps serves as a sort of segue to remember. chris dubose


What I really liked about the report, was being able to easily access the web-sites that you recommended, and having the ability to down load lesson plans into my I-tunes and then being able to transfer the lesson onto my cell phone, so that I can listen to the lesson plans even when I am not at my desk top. I also like your segments on u-tube. I'm able to play them back as many times as I like, listening very carefully at how each word is pronounced, in order to be sure that I am pronouncing everything correctly. I am sure that what you have put together will help me to learn Spanish, which will aid me in my line of work. (Law Enforcement) Al Fleming


First of all i want to thank you so much for your kind efforts with each one want to learn spanish , well to be honest i saw your first day at you tube and like your Experiment and the way how you explain it at your report. i think if you need more feedback from me it will be after a while when i am using the resources more. i think it will be more effective then. thank you again for your kind volunteer work and i do really apprecaited. Waleed Nabulsi


I tried to download it but your sight said I had already downloaded it. So I havent really got to ook at it. I would love to look at it. Marie Cordero


I think the report is a simpler guide to spanish grammar. Most people I speak to reference learning spanish agree with this statement 'I don't even know the grammatical terms in my own language, so to start having to learn what a noun, pronoun, verb, etcetc is makes learning another language quite daunting. dean


Hi michael, What a great reference for all of us the want to learn Spanish. Mucho Gracias!! Also, one thing that I am using is the Spanish channels on cable with the closed captions!! I can watch/listen to a scene AND pause it and practice it and with my laptop look up words/phrases on the sites that you have in your report. This has really helped me develop my ear. Try it if you have digital cable and you might want to include it in your next update! Adios Amigo Mark A. Falvey

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Hello Mr. Tipper, I really enjoyed looking through the free report. I have found a few of the resources on my own however, your report saves a lot of time and filters through the "free" trial sites and the truly free resources. I felt inspired to see how much Spanish you've learned and retained in just one month. Thank you very much, Erin Lilly


They were all sites that I had already found and used. I guess for someone just starting to look it would have provided a shortcut to finding these excellent sites. John


Am I also allowed to tell you what I didn't like? LOL. No seriously, I like the report very much. It's helpful to have an overview and your ratings are helpful to find the resources to start with. The problem with learning spanish off the internet is that you have no idea where to start and not that there is to little material. Dick


the report was functional and helpful. Tom Lewis


i like the fact that it`s free. Its very manegeable. Rasmus B. Klausen


I'm delighted to have found this! Things I like: -It's accessibility. By that I mean, first off, that it's been organized pretty well/logically. Secondly, I mean I can read and understand it -- as a young college student studying to be a math teacher, I spend a lot of time yelling at my textbooks because the authors too often speak on their level instead of mine.

But you write from the point of view of the student, which makes it much easier to follow. -Speaking of being a college student yelling at my textbooks, I like the fact that your report is brief. It's not all crowded with fluff and filler; it's like, "Here's who I am; this is what this is; this is what I think and why; the end." Instead of it feeling like you got to the end of it and said, "Wow, this needs to be about 1000 pgs longer and more impressive-looking," which would have been terrible. -

You meant to write a shorter introduction, but I actually like how you introduced yourself so well. It made you seem more real, and less like you were trying to sell me something. I was extremely wary of downloading this at first! -And lastly, my very favorite part: I LOVE LOVE LOVE how my email inbox hasn't suddenly become flooded with junk from you or other related spam.

Your website doesn't have 12 thousand pop up ads and things that make my antivirus freak out. You are actually providing a free and worhtwhile source. It seems you have done what you said you would, and no more - and I am impressed. Thank you very much for doing this! And I hope you continue it! Trish


The Resources Rolodex links. Saved a lot of time searching the web. Thanks
Andy Nield


I thought it was pretty good!! You have explained it very good. I think it's great to learn Spanish, so I'm definitely using your website...Thanks! Joey


I liked it alot! :) Michael



I really liked the audio lesns. coffee break spanish is my faveroute. i think i am learning really fast now. also, the starring system onm the translators and dictionaries really helped me choose the best one t use. Nicola


what i liked about the first report was that it gave me all the links to websites i needed in order to revise on the tenses ant etc. the second report was very useful to me aswell because it had everything in the there from the basic spanish (greetings), to the spanish tenses, which i need at the moment for my course! so take you for your help you made many things easier for me and i really appreciate it! mona guled

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hi thank you i need elementary courses best regards hamma


The information is easy to under stand,Ilike it veary much. Thank you Fernando.Gutierrez


Your report is very helpful. I like the fact that you have graded all of the resources by which are most helpful, and am thankful what you have done. You probably hear this quite a bit, but I never thought I could ever find anything so helpful for free. Thank you for all you've done, it is really motivating to know that there are people that are so willing to help. Thanks again! Brian Taylor


I have briefly been through the report, I have used some of the links. I liked the link where I could listen to the differnt lessons in spanish and acuually hear how it is to pronounced. thanks Bonnie Thoen


Very good program. John



hello micheal,to be honest i had already found the sites that you mentioned,but never the less watching your videos was great,and some of your tips i have taken on board.ahora tengo que irme,thanks for your help denis byrne


It was a very good comprehensive report. Perhaps further research to compose a report for students requiring an advanced level ? Neville Shelley


thank you very much in spanish is NOT 'muchOs gracias", is "muchAs gracias", I liked that you rated the web pages, and the report is a good advise only for survival spanish, but doesn't make a student go fluent... I know it by experience, but only for survival while travelling is ok. marla


I liked the fact that the information was free. You put so much effort into it. maybe you should have a donation page. I can't believe I said that. Never mind, GREAT JOB! Thank You. Dan Moore


Hi Michael, what I really liked about your report was that it saved me time in searching for free resources on the net. I had already tried to find websites, but had to trawl thru those that wanted payment, and I didn't know if they were any good anyway. I've tried learning spanish for 2 years now and have not got far. I am really enjoying Coffee Break Spanish at the moment.

You also confirmed for me that studyspanish.com was a good site for grammar. In a related matter, I stumbled across a site called spanish5000.com that someone was obviously plugging in a forum. I started to use it but lost confidence in its accuracy. Some examples of simple phrases seemed unneccessarily complicated. Anyway, if you have the time, could you check it out? Many thanks again, for all the hard work you've put in for "gratis" ! burf


the report was well compiled. well done on you. salvatore


Hi Michael thanks for the great information you sent me, the links are very useful and you're reviews of each site are clear and concise. I especially like wordreference.com and the BBC Spanish courses that they offer. I've only had a chance to look at a few of the sites so far but there is plenty mentioned in the report that I will have a look at. Thanks for taking the time to write it. James

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Only 3 days in and i can already have a basic conversation about myself, family and my home. The podcasts in michaels report are addictive and the ratings he has given the translation serivces are quite accurate. Thankyou so much, it has given me a headstart to my degree in international studies! bryan


I had located most of these sites on my own. However, it is still a useful reference source that can be passed on to others. Lynn Bender


what i liked about the learn Spanish is there are lots of information in it even though it is free thanks for what you have done Junho


I thought it was pretty cool. I learned quite a few spanish words. Thank you for the help. Stephanie


Hola Michael Como estas hoy? i haven't been able to commit to the spanish every day, but i can tell you that i especially like LORENS and DAZCION...lol. Thanks i'll keep you updated as i go along. Annisha


The layout, it was easy to read and understand. A wide variety of resources. The report is very personal with yourself and it feels like you are here to help. Abi


I must say that you have been an answer to a prayer I have had for quite some time. I work in an Emergency Room, and we see quite a few Spanish speaking individuals. I have tried to convince our department director to invest in the Rosetta Stone program to no avail.

By a stroke of luck I found your video while perusing youtube. I have been using the materials for about 1 week so far and can carry on basic conversation with a bilingual friend of mine. I am even more interested in your memory techniques. I have a good memory for things already, but always like to find new ways to improve. So in short, your materials are great... even better they are free.

You saved my pocket book a ton with these resources that were previously unknown to me. I would gladly pay and I think most would for the free E-book you provided as well. I have used it more in the last week than any other single resource, it is a great resource for those of us that are just starting to learn.

I thank you and I hope this gives you the feedback you were looking for, words can't express my gratitude. Thanks again, Jimi Mooney


It was really good! I was wandering in the net for a good site/book to learn spanish and ur report had everything I was looking far. Thanks and I have already started learning... Hola, Como estas? Su libro bien. Pardon me pobres gramatica Jayakumar

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Hola! Buenas Tardes here in the Philippines. Me nombre es Ed. Como estas? Gracias for the learn Spanish for free file. Most Spanish words are pretty similar or some are even the same to Filipino words. Philippines was colonized by Spain for more than 300 years. Spanish influence in our country can be seen in all our ways- our culture, language, festivals, food, etc.

Filipinos in the past are really fluent in Spanish language. But when Americans occupied our country, the use of Spanish language began to deteriorate. English took the place of Spanish. Spanish used to be our second language here but now it is replaced by English. The Learn Spanish for Free is very helpful. It is very easy to use and understand. All sentences are for daily use. Gracias and adios! Ed


well i reallhy appricate your great efforts its a great thing and i really read it every day and benefit form your books and links best regards aaaaa


Impressive.Still can not understand how one can give free. Amrit Nahata


The report is free and well organized, with detailed comparison of different websites' merits and their drawbacks. I especially like to read the author talking about his own learning experience of foreign languages. minghung,tan


Hi, I enjoyed the preamble which showed me that you weren't gifted at language acquisition already and were like most of us, struggling to learn a new language. Impressive what you learned in just 33 days and it has motivated me to give it a go. Finally, the links you provided made it easy to get started exploring the language, thankyou. Steve Morrow


thanx this was very helpfull it is helping me improve my spanish abe


I do thank you for introducing such a great sources for spanish study!!! I feel like I'm rich haha. I'm sure I can study spanish very well or kind master it with the sources haha. That's just amazing. I really appreciate your effots. You're sooo cooooooooooool, Michael! Sunny Kim


I think that the information was all well thought out and simple. This is one of the things that is hard to find, free & simple. Much appreciated. lucky


These are the types of sites I was hunting for but couldn't find. This is a great resource. Mark

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Hello, It's really nise of you giving out all this information!! Kind Regards Thomas


Ratings of the online translators and dictionaries. Spanish mp3s allow you to learn spanish on the move, review to show positives and negatives of each. I find the ratings and reviews particularly helpful as you can easily find what you consider batter programmes. Lisa


Hey Michael I sent you my reply. However, when I went to make a copy of the addt'l learning topics my printer ran out of ink. I hope I can get back in and make a copy again. Thanks. Tom Lewis


Great very informative, and thankyou very much for the E-mails and tips. Good luck in your quest. Mucho Gracias Ian armitage


I liked the fact that you took so much of your time to do such admirable work and share it. I had a difficult time with the Edufone site as they wanted money. I must have done something wrong. I havent reviewed all the sights and appreciate you giving tips on how to best utilize the information that you have given. I have one question.

How many hours a day did you spend on the sites and did you complete one site before you started another. I like you enjoy languages and it is my passion to learn Spanish and hopefully more as time goes by. Thanks a bunch Michael. I will let you know how i progress. Tom Lewis


Michael, thank you for doing this experiment- what was really helpful is your step by step day by day reporting and the troubles you came across, how you overcome and kept focus. I am currently in South America and I found your resource great as i had the same feeling you had- their is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet and its difficult to know where to start.

Your resources helped a lot to save time and also try to shape some type of system to learning!! I cant beleive you did not charge for this! Thank you anywae I am very grateful!! I know how valuable these resources- you know some people because this is free may not realise the value of this content- thanks Michael for making the learning of spanish for free an easier process!! Marcus


Hi Michael, I like your reference very much and especially appreciate that you took the time and effort to forge through ahead and give me YOUR impression of each site, it's strengths and what to expect. It is nice to have your footsteps to follow! Cheri


HI Michael Tipper Thank you for your free report what i liked the most was the Audio Programs like(coffeebreakspanish) and i liked some of the Multimedia Programs also i liked this Dictionary (wordreference) Muchos gracias and hasta luego luisa


Michael, I really liked the research on what is available online and that you conveniently included the hyperlinks. I was surprised how many resources that were still out there that I had missed. That report you put together must have been a ton of work. Muchos Gracias! P.S. Hace mucho frio here in eastern U.S. the last few days! --

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Most importantly - it's free and very user friendly. I like the explanations for the various terms and words - makes is much easier to remember. For example - Adios - basically means goodbye; God be with you. I also loved all the links and resources provided - makes learning so much easier and less frustrating. Saved me so much time trying to find those resources myself (I'm a new mom with a 3 month old - so I don't have time to spare!) Gracias Michael. Ingrid


its great! Kader




Hi, id just like to say that this course is exactly what I've been looking for. I love going to Spain, my parents own a house there, but it really annoyed me not being able to speak the lingo. Finally i found your site, probably the best resource's and links I've seen on the net, and all for free! I hate the idea for having to "pay" to learn, i don't think a price should be put on learning.

So again I'd like to thank you for making this course and making it free of cost. I'm speaking from a 15 year olds point of view so i hope my opinion is as valued as everyone else's, Muchos gracias P.S - Just to let you know, the video doesn't seem to be loading? Conor Smith


Well, of course i like the fact that it is free. :) I also liked it becouse it's easy to find what you are looking for and the fact that you rated most things in the report is also a huge pluss. I have not looked at all of the resources, I am actually just getting started, but all the same, your report really helped me to a flying start. Thanks a lot! :) Dinnern


Hi, Mr. Tipper. The report is really great! Thank you very much for sharing it with us. I find it very useful and it is very concise. I like that your reviews on the different resources are very clear and you include the advantages and disadvantages of the websites and also ratings. It gives me and overall view so that it is easier to decide on which resources to use. With so many choices on the internet, it can be a little difficult to make decisions.

By giving examples and making comparisons, you also gave me a clearer idea on what you are telling us. I also liked that you have pictures of the websites and also one of yourself and and scenes of your videos as they lighten up the dull,back fonts from time to time. It is also thoughtful to gather the links of the websites at the end so we do not have to browse through the contents to find them. I admire your effort and I wish you lots of luck in learning spanish!( But of course i think by now you are probably very good at it already) Royce


I haven't gone through the entire report, however I have been studying the downloadable "Quick and Easy" 12 day lesson that was offered on your page. I love how it breaks everything down so simply which in-turn makes it easier to understand. Muchos gracias Chris


It being an efficient and a motivating introduction to Spanish.. Serpil


I liked the way you wrote it. Most learning programs I find condescending but your report was quite nice to read. I have been trying to learn Spanish in my free time for a while but never really had a place to start from, your report has given me that, Thank you Alex

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One thing that was great about your program is that you made the words easy to remember. For example, I will always remember beunos dias because it is similar to the word day and means good day, and also buenas tardes, good afternoon, the time you are most tardy or tired in the day. Also, you provided a great break down of the words in order to properly pronounce the words...it seems like an obvious thing but lots of spanish material do not include this.

I also have a few suggestions of how you can improve this if you make later editions, I hope you consider them. Instead of making it a learn spanish in 12 days book, how about split it in a month? 3 months? It doesn't matter how quickly a person learns the language, as long as they actually learn it and frankly 12 days is too little. You are a very smart and motivated inidvisual but not everyone can memorise things as fast as you can.

For example, I have to break the alphbet lesson (day 2) down into at least 4 days and even then, I struggle to remember which alphabets are pronounced how, and I'm a perfectly normal person, no learning disabilities or anything. So I think it should be broken down more. Also if you could create your own audio supplements like an alphabet song, that would be great and also be useful for people who commute to listen to podcasts, etc. Great job! looking forward to parts 2 and 3! Jacky H


Its incredibly easy to use, very comprehensive and facilitates me in getting to grips with the language very quickly. Many thanks Michael. Pamela Nunn


Hi! I really liked that you rated each of the sites, giving pros and cons. It gives the reader an idea about the site, and they can decide whether they agree with your rating or not. It is also good the way it is separated into different sections, and covers the important needs of language learning (grammar, listening, multimedia etc). Thanks for writing it! Pip


It was some great material you recommended to me.Like you said in your report it is amazing how much free material there is on the internet.My only barrier is apart from going on holiday i'm never in a situation where i'm surrounded by the Spanish language and none of my friends or family share my enthusiasm to learn it but i will still give it my best shot and will give you feedback as i progress.gracias Brian Healey


um... Rocky




what i appreciate most is that Mr.Tipper is, himself, trying to learn the language and can, thus, understand the difficulties one would face in trying to learn Spanish Not only that, he also comes up with solutions for the problems we face and makes our job of learning Spanish much easier I really appreciate and commend your efforts, Mr.Tipper.Thanks a lot.


very good info but i haven't had time to log on to most.most the ones i have logged on to want u to subscribe and i dont want to be paying allthe time. But I am going to look into them more and let the girls at my Spainish class know about the best ones. thank u for ur help did u check out one semester of spanish love song on you tube run way box its very funny Sandra x


Hello I have just started and like the pod casts on edufone.com I have tried to use Skype, but have been unsucessful making any contacts. Are you registered on Skype? If so you might want to try to reach me my Skype name is jazziebone. Thank you luap


You seem to be very sincere about giving these free resources which I appreciate. I am learning spanish over time to communicate with my son's wife and family who live in Mexico. Larry Dealy


Michael Thanks for the stuff so far. What I have really liked so far is as follows; 1) I genuinely liked the idea of the daily video diary for me it was a good way of showing things. 2) I liked your presentations which are clear and precise. I even like it when you had to think on your feet. 3) I liked it when you showed relevant sites and that you had researched them. The only thing that I would say on a negative side is that from my point of view I would appreciate more in relation to methods of learning. What do you think would help ? I know that you have mentioned various methods but I would like more guidance and detail. Mike

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I appreciated the links in the report found in the pdf file giving me easy access to the websites. This made easier to browse and find the websites I liked working with.
Bennett Gubitosi


I liked everything!!!! I was amazed how many free learning programs are on the net.And the enthusiasm you have... I hope to see similar results for myself. Also I must say that you solved the gender mystery, it troubled me a lot. Thanks again:))))))))))) tijana


Hi Michael I liked your report as it gives confidence to someone like myself who finds languages hard to assimilate - you give me hope that I can learn. Also the range of free resources you have found are excellent - this will save a lot of wasted time on the internet as there is so much material around. Also some of your suggestions, approaches to learning help make the process of learning more structured. Thanks Alan Hughes


Hi Michael, I just recently married a Spanish man and none of his family speaks English. Therefore, I am trying to learn Spanish very quickly. I really enjoyed your report. It is very useful information. The translation websites and the websites with videos and quizes are excellant practice. It has been all very helpful to me. Thank you very much Charlene


Michael, First of all...thank you! Everything you sent was top of the line! How refreshing! The material is beautifully laid out, easy to comprehend, and thoroughly motivating. There hasn't been time to examine all the sites that were recommended, however, the ones I've checked out were quite impressive. Your comments, tips and memory tricks have me excited with the thought of what I am capable of grasping in a matter of days. I have not begun the twelve day program as yet.

I find my learning curve improves greatly by previewing everything first...gives my brain a "road map" to build upon. So, tomorrow is day one. Immersion begins! I liked your very candid comments about your struggles to learn a foreign language; and talk about convenience, the rolodex is fabulous! What a wealth of information at my fingertips! Your project is a totally praiseworthy. Thanks to you, I am eager to begin my journey. Eugene Caldwell


I really liked your report. It was very helpful, provides links to a number of excellent resources. I especially liked about.com, the Spanish Flashcards site, notes in Spanish, and Expertvillage. This is the most helpful guide I've found for self-teaching. I already have several books and a few tapes, but they haven't been all that much help for me thus far. I am already improving my Spanish comprehension rapidly through the various online resources that you provided. Thank you very much for your report. Kayla


Hello. I think that the videos are really nice. I am a Spanish teacher. I was looking the videos to have an idea of how is it to learn Spanish as a second language. for what I have seen I think is really good. A lot of people when are learing the language, they want to be able to say words and speak as fast as possible, and I think is a good way to do it to tell them how to say things, instead of going through the grammar which it could be a bit boring for some people. Best Javier Chomer

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This is an excellent report on where to find the best of free training for learning the Spanish language. Thank you so much. Oh, also, the booklet on Spanish is great. With these two items, I should be able to walk into any Mexican restaurant and order in Spanish. Thank you for putting this together. Dave McCawley


I have used and enjoyed the resources. They are great. Ruthanna


Realy impressive (please excuse my english since I am french). I found new sites I didn't find by myself and enjoy a lot of them. I like the way you give your opinion on those sites and I was able to verify the exactitude of your review (I must say afterward I agree with you on most of them). I think this report is really a good start for people like me who wants to learn another language as fast as possible with a lot of ressources necessary to reach his goal. Thanks again, it was appreciated. Jean-Louis Charlebois


Hi Michael, i have been searching for adequate online resources to help me with my spanish for quite some time now, and i found your report to be extremely helpful. I was particularly impressed with the multimedia suggestions that you included as well as the miscellaneous spanish sites which help to make the learning process more relaxed and not as overwhelming. I also liked how you rated each site honestly and throughly. Thanks again for such a great package! Kaitlin


Me encanta mucho. Muchas gracias Juana


I like very much the amount and especially the quality of your recommendations.
Lothar Brenner


I liked it. it was good. jenny



I like the fact that the resources are free and that they are simple to use. The resources are additionally more applicable to real life situations than say, a textbook. nick


Hi Michael, all that you have produced is absolutely fantastic plus the sites. The help is much appreciated. Thanks very much


Hi Michael, I am very appreciative of all that you have put together. The attachments and the sites are proving extremely useful whilst undertaking my Spanish classes. Pamela Nunn


You've done the footwork for finding the free resources I'll use. Thanks! Mike


I've just started to go through everything. I am now on day 3. I think it is great! I have not been able to go see the other information that you have indicated, since yours appears to be so complete. I hope this helps. thanks Susan Misani


I enjoyed the Straight forwardness of the Course. The Report was more than I could have hoped for. I especially like CoffeeBreak Spanish.Com. I have downloaded most of the lessons and I am very pleased. Muchas Gracias,Amigo para Todos. Su Amigo Warren


Hi Michael, Since reading your report I have change my strategy. I am now downloading videos and podcasts from the relevant sites before I start to learn spanish. This is because your guide gave me the advantage of not "re-inventing the wheel". Now I can take from the web only content that I deem worthy of study. Once again Thanks
Dirk Cabral

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I still try to improve my english and Your free report helps me with that because when I read english and listen You I meet new words. At present I have much time to meet a new language and Your report is very useful. You explain everything short and fast what I like and the most important effective. Thank You! Adrian


Loved it. I've used many resources, the ones I bought were impossible to complete and the ones I found for free or "reasonably" priced on the internet were the ones that actually worked. However, I must say your Speed Spanish REALLY WORKS! I love it! Eric Oliver


hi michael, the report great. so much stuff i havent even had time to go into it all yet. but the parts i have looked at have been very useful. john whitston


Hi Michael. I think you have done a great job in retrieving a lot of free stuff from the internet. I am not a beginner but wish I were so that I could start all over again using your system. And yet - I am glad that I know what I know. As far as your announcement of Spanish Grammar lessons I have used these for quite some time and they are truly magnificent. There is a lot of information. I also subscribe to ele-madrid who sends out a free monthly letter with short stories, lots of vocabulary and exercises. Every month they focus on a new ares like: kitchen, hotel, hair dresser and so on. inger bussanich


I've tried buying resources for learning Spanish and found failure in all those books, boxes, and discs. Like you, I searched the internet and found things that really work. HOWEVER, the resources you've shared are WONDERFUL additions to what I already have. BUT, by far, the BEST resource is QUCIK and EASY Spanish. It's comprehensive, concise, and as the title says, it's QUICK AND EASY! The best resource I've ever read! THANKS!!! Eric Oliver


I've bought so many non-productive Spanish courses, until I started looking (like you) on the internet and found all kinds of USEFUL help. You gave me MANY additional free USEFUL resources for learning more Spanish. The Speed Spanish is great and uses a much more effective method for adult learners trying to learn a language. It is probably the single-most productive course I've ever read! It's comprehensive, it's effective and as the title says, it's QUICK AND EASY! THANK YOU!! Eric Oliver

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